Emilie Zoey Baker

Emilie Zoey Baker is a multi award-winning poet and slam champion who, in 2009, toured workshops and performances throughout Canada, and in New York and Chicago. She is the spoken word editor for ‘Cordite’ and the Victorian coordinator for the National Australian Poetry Slam. She is the author of ‘She Wore The Sky On Her Shoulders’. Recently she performed in the sold out world premiere of ‘Elemental’, poetry at the Planetarium in the 2009 Melbourne International Arts Festival.

3 thoughts on “Emilie Zoey Baker

  1. Hi John,

    Emilie is a super star – she’d be an amazing addition to any festival! I will pass on your request to her and include your respective details offline.

    Thanks for getting in touch,

  2. Hi Emilie,

    I’m a novelist involved with the planning of the inaugural Bendigo Writers’ Festival, running August 11-13 this year (2012). The director of the festival is Rosemary Sorensen, formerly of the Australian, now settled here in Bendigo. I saw you lead an open mike and do a performance at the Write Around the Murray Festival last year and I wanted to see whether you might be available for our festival.
    Please let me know if you’re interested, and we can talk through what the festival is about, the theme of the session and remuneration. You can contact me by going to my website johncharalambous.com.au
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi Emilie,
    I’m putting together a spoken word event and would like to send you an artist pitch to have you perform. Is this possible?
    Thanks in advance,
    Tim Helmy.

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