Steve Smart

Steve Smart is no longer a young poet. He’s not sure what he is now and wonders whether there is a specific age that middle-aged begins, or whether it’s relative to your perspective. Do artists age at the same rate as other human creatures? Steve has had a colourful and quite fascinating journey into the belly of the performance poetry beast. He still hasn’t much scratched the surface of the publishing world yet, but he’s logged hundreds of hours on stages around Australia and various overseas ports. He considers himself to flexible in style and responsive to a variety of audiences. Steve performed at the Sydney Opera House. It was a long time ago but you’d keep it on your bio too. Currently he is Melbourne Poets Union President, one half of the duo The Bitter Disappointments, and one third of the group Temporary Adults. He runs/co-runs spoken word gigs in Carlton, Thornbury, Fitzroy and Footscray.

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